CSCE Capstone

Student Site for Individual and Collaborative Activites

After logging in at the home page, you should end up at the Dashboard for the site.

From here, hover over ‘Pages’ on the leftmost side and click on ‘Add New’ from the menu.


Alternatively, click on ‘Pages’ and click the ‘Add New’ button near the top of the page.

You will be taken to a blank page after completing the previous step. From here, click on the purple ‘Use The Divi Builder’ button below the title prompt bar to open a more easily editable version of the site.

The Divi Builder will open, and near the top of the menu will be three tabs: “Save to Library”, “Load Layout”, and “Clear Layout”.

To begin creating your page, click on the middle tab, “Load Layout”.

After clicking on “Load Layout”, a menu will open up and offer multiple layout for the user to choose from.

From here, click the middlemost tab, labeled “Your Saved Layouts”.

From here, select one of the three templates that you want for your site.


If you are creating the landing page for a group of teams, click on TEMPLATE – Team X-X“.

If you are creating a site specific for your team and project, click on “TEMPLATE – Team X – Title“.

If you are creating a student page, click on “TEMPLATE – Student Page“.

Whichever template you choose, the page will load a layout similar to the one shown. For example purposes, the template chosen was “TEMPLATE – Student Page“.

You can name your page using the Title Prompt Bar near the top. There is a naming scheme when it comes to your page:

For “TEMPLATE – Team X-X“, name it using the range of teams that will be used inside, such as “Team 6-10“. Try not to use a range larger than five.

For “TEMPLATE – Team X – Title“, the name should be similar to “Team (your team number) – (Title of Project)

For “TEMPLATE – Student Page“, the title for this page should be your name.

When this layout appears, you can edit it by clicking the “Add Information Here” module. Either the Hamburger Icon () or double-clicking the words themselves work.


Clicking the module opens the settings menu, where you can edit whatever’s inside to your hearts content.

Clicking Design in the top menu bar offers more customizable information, such as text size, color, and fonts.

Clicking the eye in the bottom bar opens Preview, which allows you to roughly see how your customization looks.

The “Save & Exit” will save your work and close the menu.


After creating whatever you wish, but before publishing the page, go to the menu below titled “Page Attributes”.

From here, set the Template to “Blank Page”.

Set the “Parent” to whichever parent is appropriate for the page you are creating.


For group landing pages, the Parent should be the semester page for your class, titled something similar to “Fall 20XX Capstone Sites”.

For team pages, the Parent should be the group landing page for your group. For example, if you are Team 6, the parent should be “Team 6 – 10”

For student pages, the Parent should be your teams page.


Since this example page is of a student page, the appropriate parent for this is “Team 1”.



After all this is done, click the “Publish” button to publish your page.