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Kassell Harris

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematices
Languages: C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Angular, Oracle PL/SQL,
Tools: Git, GitHub, Exclipse, NetBeans, JetBrains Suite, Android Studio, Azure DevOps, VSCode, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice

Kassell is a Senior Computer Science major at the University of Arkansas with a minor in mathematics. He has taken a variety of courses, including Mobile Programming, Computer Graphics, Cryptography, and Artificial Intelligence. Starting in January 2020, Kassell was in intern at J. B. Hunt Transport as an applications developer, and will be joining them full time after graduation as a software engineer.

His technical experience consists of class work and some programming outside of class. His classes focused heavily on C++ and Java based development. Outside of class, Python and web development skills have been continually practiced. While interning with J. B. Hunt, he worked extensively with Angular.

In his free time, Kassell likes to read, play board games, and dabble in other technologies. This includes a 3D printing and small electronic work. His current project is a to-scale, working replica of R2-D2 from the Star Wars movies.