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William Bissett

Major: Computer Science

Skills: Java, Javascript, React JS, Node JS, C++, HTML, Firebase, React Native 

As of now I am a Senior Computer Science major at the University of Arkansas. I have worked two internships in Dallas the past couple years. After my sophomore year of college I worked for a company called Dialexa. I was a software engineering intern. I worked with the back end team to create a car subscription service and worked a lot with microservices. After my Junior year of college, I worked for a company called Systemware. They are a tech company in Dallas, TX. Again, I was a software engineering intern there. I worked with the UI / front end team on redesigning their cloud web pages. My plan is to apply to both of those companies and a lot more to see if I can get more interviews. I would love to move to Dallas, TX for a couple of years to start my career as a software engineer.