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Team 1 – NWAHJA Wesbite

Team Members:

Caleb Board
Fadi Tommalieh
John Wolf
Adam Hardman
Adam Dover
Corbin Martin

The Northwest Arkansas Hunter Jumper Association (NWAHJA) website will be a dynamic website where all web pages are generated from data from a database. The objective is to create a website were information can be added to the website without having any coding skills. It will contain data input pages to add the raw data used to populate the webpages. It will have user controls where permissions will be based on a user’s role. Most of the web pages will portray public information available to anyone, but there will be other web pages only viewable based on the user’s role.

The NWAHJA is a non-profit association that doesn’t have offices or facilities. The website will also provide cloud storage for various reports and financial statements for current and future board members providing more stability in required record retention.

Tasks Estimated Time Estimated Start Date Estimated End Date Assigned
1. Define Dev Env 2 weeks 12/01 12/14 Corbin, Adam H, John
2. Migrate 4 weeks 12/15 01/12 ALL
3. UI User 2 days 01/13 01/15 Fadi & John
4. Backend User 1 week 01/16 01/23 ALL
5. Test User 1 day 01/24 01/25 ALL
6. UI Admin 2 days 01/26 01/28 Fadi & John
7. Backend Admin 1 week 01/29 02/05 ALL
8. Test Admin 1 day 02/06 02/07 ALL
9. UI Front 2 days 02/08 02/10 Fadi & John
10. Backend Front 3 days 02/11 02/14 ALL
11. Unify/Cleanup 1 week 02/15 02/22 ALL
12. Test All 3 days started   ALL
13. Finalize UI 2 days not started   ALL
14. Invoicing 1 week not started   John, Adam H, Corbin
15. UX Testing 1 week not started   Fadi & John
16. UX Changes 2 days not started   ALL
17. Board Approval 1 week not started   John
18. Live Payments 1 day not started   John
19. Data Migration 1 week not started   John & Adam D
20. Production 1 week not started   John

Final Proposal

Final Proposal Presentation

Team Poster

Final Report

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John Wolf – NWAHJA’s Volunteer Webmaster –