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eRhett Brandon


A Little About Me…

         I am currently pursing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas. Some classes that I have taken that are relevant to this project are Programming Foundations I (PF1), Programming Foundations II (PF2), Computer Organization (CO), Programming Paradigms (PP), Digital Design (DD), Operating Systems (OS), Database Management (DM), and Algorithms. The classes listed above have taught me necessary programming skills, as well as granting me with a necessary understanding of the procedures performed in process management that are needed to complete a majority of the JukeBoxer project.

         My skills for this project mostly derive from my school experience and my job experience. I am currently a Database Administrator for the Informix  platform for Wal-mart. Having my current job gives me the ability to build scalable databases for large applications. During the Software Engineering class, mentioned in the above course list, I learned the skills for building basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript applications using a NodeJS platform.

        My current interests in Computer Science include relational database platforms, primarily creating faster utilities that can help speed-up routine database activities. I also have a strong interest in automation and AI.