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Team 3 – FoodAlert

Team Members:

Alycia Carey

Jasper Harrison

Bentley Lager

Jiamin Lin

Gabriel Priest

Nick Waterworth

Project Summary:

Food waste is a major issue in America. It is estimated that between 30–40 percent of food in the United States goes to waste. Of this, 31 percent of food-loss is at the retail and consumer levels; this corresponds to 133 billion pounds and $161 billion worth of food waste. We are not only wasting food that could end global hunger but also burning up Earth’s resources. All of the labor and resources used to produce wasted food is wasted as well. The objective of FoodAlert is to limit the food waste of application users by planning out food expiration and usage. FoodAlert will be a platform for users to see their food usage trends and plan their most optimal food usage. FoodAlert will also allow alarms to be set for expiration deadlines to help cleanliness of the kitchen environment and prevent pests.

FoodAlert will help consumers by allowing the transfer of information from food purchases onto the FoodAlert calendar and database. In the application, users will see when certain food items expire, plan out meals, and analyze their own food waste. By facilitating user planning, FoodAlert will enable consumers to monitor how much produce they purchase and cut back at food waste in households. The food saved with FoodAlert can be left up to the retailers for distribution to the homeless or to farmers to be used as fertilizer, minimizing the food that ends up in landfills.

Project Tasks:



1. React-Native setup/research (Whole team)


2. Basic React app skeleton implementation (menus, empty pages, hard food entries) (Waterworth)


3. Firebase Setup (Harrison)


4. Login/Registration/Authentication (Harrison/Carey)


5.  Navigation Toolbar (Waterworth)


6. List Page (Carey)


7.  Profile Page (Priest)


8. Calendar Page (Lin)


9. Camera Page (Waterworth)


10.  NN Research (Waterworth)


11. Review Page (Waterworth)


12. Firebase Helper (Lager)


13. Styling (Whole Team)


14. Documentation and Functional Testing (Whole Team)

4/25 – 4/30


Proposal (PDF)

Proposal Slides (PDF)

Poster (PDF)

Final Report (PDF)

Final Presentation Slides (PDF)

FoodAlert GitHub