Team 11 – Ubiquitous Cooking

Team Members:

Guadalupe Torres
Manuel Serna-Aguilera
Daniel Perez
Jean Pierre Roca
Alejandro Urquieta
Jack Scholes

Project Summary:

Cooking a new recipe for the first time takes much more time and effort compared to a recipe one is already familiar with. To save more time cooking new recipes, we propose implementing an easily accessible guided cooking smartwatch application. This application will instruct the user how to cook new recipes without the hassle. This approach will use a simple and intuitive interface such that the user can focus more on cooking and not rely on looking at videos or reading instructions. Our approach will allow more people to cook easily and not spend so much time overcoming the learning curve.

Final Proposal

Project Task List

Capstone II – Final Report

Capstone II Slides


Capstone II Poster