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Team 12 – Sorcero’s Lil Workers

Team Members:

Sarah Paracha 

Ethan Passmore 

Layne Bernardo 

Roya Rashidi 

Lane Phillips


Project Summary:

This project is for the company Sorcero.  Sorcero lacks phrase completion for users wishing to review and search their corpus documents. Our group sets out to create a predictive phrase typing solution for users reviewing company documents.  

We will begin approaching this problem by using Sorcero terminology to analyze their company language and most commonly used words. We will use comparison algorithms to match user inputs to possible words and phrases. Theses algorithms will calculate scores and use the highest score to determine which phrase should most be suggested. 

This will efficiently allow users to use less device keys for input writing and help those who may have difficulty expressing what they are searching for in a concise way. 


Project Task List:



1. Research predictive typing approaches

2. Research data storage implementations

3. Clarify specifications with Sorcero

01/20 – 02/03

1. Experiment with test data to choose algorithm

2. Formalize design proposal

02/03 – 02/17

1. Implement corpus parser

2. Implement data storage

02/17 – 03/02

1. Test parser and data storage mechanisms

2. Write unit tests for above*

3. Evaluate backend performance

03/02 – 03/16

1. Implement frequency count

2. Implement stemming algorithms*

3. Implement search*

03/16 – 03/30

1. Test predictive typing system

2. Test and refine search functionality*

3. Write unit tests for above*

03/30 – 04/13

1. Create UI

2. Compile documentation*

3. Final testing and evaluation

04/13 – 04/27




Initial Proposal:


Final Proposal Team 12 PDF


Final Report:


Final Report Team 12 PDF 


Final Presentation:


Final Presentation Team 12 PDF


Project Poster: 


Project Poster Team 12 PDF


Source Code:

GitHub Repository