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Team 13 – Student Safety Dismissal Application

Team Members:

Tomas Stevens

David Rowland

Gabriel Del Carmen

Tory Adderley

Ange-Thierry Ishimwe

Khern Toussaint

Project Summary:

School dismissal is a stressful activity for both parents and teachers of young students. Our application aims to streamline this process by helping teachers to dismiss students to the correct mode of transportation and notifying parents when their child has been dismissed. With this project, we intend to have students leave school safely and efficiently. The efficiency of the proposed system helps ease instructors and parents in the dismissal process.

Project Schedule:

    Below is the proposed timeline which we have created corresponding the the tasks above. Each is estimated to be a two week period that has at least 1 person in charge of with everyone supporting or implementing key features of their own.


Tasks for two week period Who Is In Charge Dates for each task
1. Research Everyone Current date -1/13/20 
2. Design and Build Database David,Tomas 1/13/20 – 1/20/20
3. Design and Build API David
1/20/20 – 1/31/20
4.Building Client Side (Web) Tomas, Tory, Thierry 1/31/20 – 3/19/20
5. Design and Build Client Side (Mobile)
David, Thierry, Gabriel 1/31/20 – 3/19/20
6. Unit Testing Gabriel, Tomas 3/19/20 – 3/25/20
7.  Integration Testing David, Tory 3/25/20 – 4/1/20
8.  Field test Everyone 4/1/20 – 4/19/20
9.  Presentation Everyone 4/20/20 – 5/4/20

Task Breakdown:

Below we have created a task management window that we plan to follow and keep the team on track as we continue to research and complete our project.

  1. First we will do research on alternative applications, structures, and other tools that can help benefit our application in anyway shape or form. We will dive deeper into the best language, algorithms and design that allows for smoother workflow of the teachers and parents alike.
  2. Decide the approach and technologies that will best suit the needs of the project. 
  3. Design and build the database schema and structure to handle the data and provide quicker responses, read ups, and manipulations.
  4. Design and build robust back end system.with key functionalities.
  5. Design and build the client applications to easily communicate with the back end system.
  6. Once finished developing core components, improve the quality of the overall application and optimize any parts that can be implemented better. 
  7. Test extensively for security flaws, breaches, crashes, bugs, and other issues as much as possible.
  8. Field test at some point using fake school area to see if full implementation was a success. 
  9. Write a report and presentation on the application and implementation of said project.

Links and Media 

To view our final proposal slides please click here, and to view our final proposal document please click here

Please click to see our source code on GitHub. 

To view our final presentation poster please click here, and to view our final report  document please click here

Below they are images of the web application and mobile application.