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Team 14 – Sider

Team Members:

Luke Brandon

Adam Goertz

Samuel Le

Tyler Tracy

Marshall Richards


Proposal Report


Final Presentation Slides

Final Project Report



     With the advent of the gig economy and a record 36% of Americans now being involved in it, the time is now to bring college students into the fold and provide companies and small businesses with highly-specialized, low cost labor for short term tasks and projects. For students, the most important motivation for working while in school is getting experience in their field that they can market to future employers when seeking full-time employment after graduation. This is advantageous for companies because they can offer in-field work to students without having to pay for normal consultancy prices. We want to provide a platform to connect these two groups together to provide value for both students and companies. Our platform will act as the mediator between the two parties, hosting jobs available from companies and student profiles, and handle all payment and work submission processes as well as messaging. We plan to use modern web development tooling to help us make this platform as engaging and interactive as possible.




Date Interval

Update validation schemas (Adam Goertz) 

Migrate data from GCP to mongoDB( Tyler)

(1/21/2020 – 1/30/2020)

Resume upload UI (Luke Brandon)

Google Analytics (Sam) 

Add tooltips to form fields (Adam Goertz)

Loading Spinner (Marshall Richards)

Notification system (Tyler Tracy)

(Feb 4 – Feb 9)

Resume upload API and DB implementation (Luke Brandon)

Add service work to site for caching and PWA (Tyler Tracy)

(Feb 10 – Feb 15)

Better error and success messages (Luke Brandon)

Login case-sensitivity bug fix (Sam)

Add backend routes for user job completion (Adam Goertz)

Stripe integration (Tyler Tracy)

(Feb 16 – Feb 25)

Toast notifications (Luke Brandon) 

Add personal website field for users and updated back-end to handle it (Sam)

Add EsLint to codebase(Tyler Tracy)

Front-end UI for job/user review (Sam)

Add frontend requests for user job completion (Adam Goertz)

(Feb 26 – March 7)

Progress bar for finishing profile (Luke Brandon) 

(March 8 – March 15)

Reviews API endpoints (Luke Brandon) 

Company/User ID uniqueness (Marshal Richards)

Update UI to add user job completion (Adam Goertz)

Update user, company, and job UI (Sam)I

Upgraded Authentication/Authorization Service (Tyler Tracy)

            (March 16 – March 22)

Reviews DB updating (Luke Brandon) 

Apply Blurb (Marshall Richards)

Show number of applicants for each job on front-end

(March 23 – March 30)

Job, Company Searching (Luke Brandon)

Moved REST API over to GraphQL API (Tyler Tracy)

Create view of users (Adam Goertz)

(April 1 – April 30)