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Team 10 – Clicker App


Team Members:

Lori de Boer

Brianna Ciora

Brittney Pham

Phillip Boudreau

Walter Dane



Some professors, especially in entry-level classes require that students purchase clickers. These allow them to take attendance and also keep students engaged with questions. Students are required to purchase a physical clicker and subscription through Turning Point to activate the clicker. This is costly to students, and the functionality of the clicker is minimal. Simply allowing a student to check-in, and answer basic multiple-choice questions. We are going to create a mobile application that will have this same functionality but is also free for students. It will also have a more detailed user interface allowing teachers to ask more engaging questions. It will be more accessible than the clicker because most students have a smartphone that they can download this application onto. We are going to create an Android application using Android Studio. It will be written in Java. 


This clicker application will have great significance for many reasons. It will save college students, who are typically already on a very strict budget, money. It will also allow professors to interact in a more effective way with their students, especially in large classes. Students will not have to remember to bring their clicker to class, thus more students will be able to interact, and be counted present. This will foster a better learning environment and more successful students. 


Task Schedule: 


Task Completed/Future Team Members Dates
1. Assign Roles and divide the tasks Completed All 1/19
2. Create a login interface that is able to connect to the database. Completed Lori and Brittney 1/19-1/24
  3. Create a class list page that lists every class. Completed Phil, Bri, and Walter 1/19-1/24
4.  Create a student homepage that is able to create statistics based on the student’s performance and begin a session to answer questions. Future All
5. Create a Teacher Home Page Completed Lori 2/16-2/22
6. The transition from the class list page to the class Home Page Completed Bri 3/09- 3/16
7.  Create a create question functionality. Completed Lori 3/09-3/16
8. Work on database functionality for adding a new question.  Completed Walter and Phil 3/09-3/23
9. Make the UI look better Completed Brittney 3/09-3/23
10. Create an in session page for students and teachers. Completed All 3/23-4/13
11. Test, debug, and compile all of the documentation together Completed All 4/13-4/30
 12. Publish on the Play Store Future All


Project Proposal

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Final Report

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