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Team 8 – Weather Ways

Team Members:

Nicholas Brinkley

Zachary Cantrell

Madison Galloway

William Henness

Audrey Timmerman

David Turnbough


    It is often quite difficult to consistently find updated information regarding weather conditions while traveling for business or leisure. One can easily find this information for specific locations, however planning routes for travel and updating the routes’ information is a task which many find difficult to accomplish. This application will provide a simple user interface for the users to plan a trip to and from any destination for which weather information is available. Currently a widely accessible application of this nature which works effectively and provides a high ease of use for the user does not seem to exist. Thus, this service could be provided to potential users with the creation of this application. The user base itself is potentially quite massive due to trips and vacations being quite common, and with almost every individual owning a phone.

    The main objective of the application is to provide constant weather information for the user’s current location, along the user’s route, and at the user’s final destination. Following this general idea, the application created and may utilize information provided by available software. The purpose of the app will be providing the user with a route planning tool using Google Maps software and its information. An in-app map will aid the user in viewing the layout of the potential route which is being created and guiding them along it. Following a chosen route, information will be provided to the user regarding the conditions of the areas which will be traveled to by the user.

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