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Team 9 – The Maze Master

Team Members:

Maharshi Dubasi

Nicholas Davis

Alec Ray

Jose Garcia

Dale Hagen

Jaylen Kimbrough

Project Summary:

Plenty of genres of video games have advanced exponentially within the last decade in regards to story, graphics, and interpersonal connectivity. However, one of the genres left behind are maze-type games. Games like Doom have been removed as a game that’s meant to be emulated and replaced with GTA V. Games are moving from a closed and controlled environment to an open-world and less predictable environment. This means that games with mazes are now overlooked and are often less designed and under-developed. All of the games found on the app-store relating to maze games are either dull and boring or puzzle games.

The objective of our game is to create a game that changes the perspective on maze games. Typically these games are single-player and doesn’t get the player involved. Using VR technology, it will become easy to instantly involve the player in the game they’re experiencing. This approach will tie in a newly emerging technology along with interesting multiplayer gameplay. This will change the perception that maze-games are boring and trend toward a newer style of video game design.

Update 1.24.2020:

We’ve begun researching about what kind of VR gaming most people enjoy and as of this moment, we’ve begun getting experience with UnityVR and SteamVR and it’s surrounding game mechanics. An example of the kind of games we’ve researched include Boneworks, Beat Saber, and the built-in Interactions example from SteamVR. Our goal is take hints at why the games were successful and use that to our advantage to create an enjoyable experience. To expand on this idea, we’re making use of different game mechanics than we initially planned: including the ability to teleport and the use of weapons. By the next update, we hope to fully develop the Game Design Document and to design the preliminary environments of our game.

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Project Proposal:

The Maze Master Proposal


Project Report:

Final Project Report

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