Team 4 – LecturePlus

Team 4 – LecturePlus

Link to LecturePlus: click here

Team Members:

Joseph Gorman

Cristhian Espinosa

Jagmeet Wander

Vladimir Sabado

Description: Lecture+ is a tool that allows the students in a lecture setting to send their professor messages in real time. This will encourage students to ask more questions and will be beneficial to those who have disabilities, have trouble speaking, and shy people. Some students also have accents that may be difficult for the professor to understand. This tool will help the professor in that case as well.


Project Proposal Presentation

Source Code

Final Report

Final Presentation

Recent Updates:

– Automation testing complete

– Completed by Jagmeet Wander

– Website formats to any screen

– Profanity Filter implemented in the front end

– Completed by Vladimir Sabado




Project Schedule


Task Breakdown:

  • Plan designs and understand client-server architecture (Completed by Everyone)
  • Begin implementation of architecture (Completed by Everyone)
  • Design user interface (Completed by Vladimir Sabado)
  • Begin implementation of user interface (Completed by Vladimir Sabado)
    • Created profanity filter (Completed by Joseph Gorman, Vladimir Sabado)
    • Responsive interface created for mobile users (Completed by Vladimir Sabado)
    • Users able to edit messages (Cristhian Espinosa)
    • Create alerts and notifications (Jagmeet Wander)
  • Test product for any risks or errors (Completed)
    • Automation testing (Completed by Jagmeet Wander)
  • Document results (To be completed)