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Alycia Carey

Major: B.S. Computer Science

Skills: Networking, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python

Interests: Homomorphic Encryption, Networking, Cyber Security, Cryptography

Alycia Carey is currently a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and minors in Business Chinese and Mathematics. She began her bachelors’s degree in computer science in the fall of 2016 at the University of Arkansas with strong interests in networks, cyber security, and cryptography. Currently, Alycia is one of the research members in the ARA Lab at the University of Arkansas.  Previously, she worked for the University of Arkansas as a Network Security Technician on the Network Engineering Team. In addition to her studies and research, Alycia competes on the University of Arkansas’ Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition team. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Ph. D degree in cybersecurity with a focus in cryptography.

Alycia Carey Resume