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Team 2 – Tilted

Team Members:

David Green
William Harris
Drew Rudasill
Connor Dean


Tilted is mobile marble game that will take advantage of phone’s gyro functions. Players will primarily use the gyro function in order to navigate around the levels. A touch control scheme will also be implemented as to avoid issues such as being a passenger in a vehicle. A number of game types could be implemented, however, for now we will focus a time trial game mode. Where players will race through levels as fast as possible in order to place on leader boards.

Project Summary:

The objective of this project, is to give all of us more experience in programming. It will help expose us to more tools that are popular to use in game development today. Our approach is to use the Unity Engine in order to create a mobile game that is able to take advantage of a phone’s gyroscopic capabilities.

Project Proposal

Project Presentation

Final Report

Final Poster

Project Download

Installation: Go to the link and download to an Android device and install the packages


  • Learn Unity’s ins and outs. (Complete)
  • Design “Game flow” (Complete)
  • Program game physics (Complete)
  • Program UI Interface (Complete)
  • Test on actual android devices (Complete)
  • Design actual levels (Complete)
  • Build actual levels(Complete)
  • Design network features (Complete)
  • Implement network features (Complete)
  • Secondary Device Testing (Complete)
  • Fix anything that’s still broken (Complete)
  • Prep app & storefront materials (Complete)
  • Deploy app to store (Complete)
  • Document our process (Complete)


UI Preview:


Marble Customization:

End Goal: