Team 5 – Bulletin Board Application/Campus Events

by Nov 23, 2019

Team #5 – Bulletin Board application / Campus events

Team Members:

William Bissett

Alex Frey

Colby Crowne

Manuel Delarosa

Keaton Dalquist

Kassell Harris

Project Summary:

One of the most important aspects of the college experience is the social gatherings of students. This is often done through clubs, guest speakers after class, career fairs, celebrations, and university sponsored events. Since there are so many gatherings that students can elect to attend, promoted and hosted by a large variety of groups, students can often feel overwhelmed. Inboxes are flooded with emails promoting important university sponsored events, clubs pass out flyers and send messages via group messaging applications, and professors and friends spread event details by word of mouth. Sometimes events are barely promoted, leading to a small turnout. With many different events happening daily on campus, students are bound to forget about events they may be interested in attending, or miss out on exciting events that weren’t promoted as heavily as others. This is where Campus Events comes into play.

Campus Events aims to solve the problems mentioned above by streamlining all the information about events being hosted on campus in one place. Students are able to elect to automatically receive notifications from their favorite departments or Registered Student Organizations without having to dig through old emails or be handed a flyer while walking to class. With all the event information consolidated into an app, all the necessary information the student needs to attend will be present. Clear location and starting times, event details, and itineraries can be accessed quickly by the student. Students who have a free afternoon or evening can quickly search to see if any events are being held that they may wish to attend. Event planners and clubs will also have a one stop location to advertise their events.