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Tyler Tracy


    I am a Junior Computer Science Major and will be graduating Fall of 2020. I am interested in logic puzzles, marvel comics, and racquetball. I have a wide array of coding skills that I try to use daily. I have built many full stack applications in multiple different Javascript frameworks.

    My first job was an internship during the summer after my freshman year SupplyPike. I worked there for a year and worked on multiple full stack projects both on a team and individually. The summer after my sophomore year I worked at Google on Google Cloud’s AutoML video intelligence project. I am currently working on a start-up that I plan to launch after I graduate. Next semester I plan on interning at Metova doing an android internship.

    Around the age of 30, I plan to start my world domination plan. I will topple governments, starting with america, in hopes to start the next phase of humanity. To accomplish this, a large amount of stealth and charisma will be used. Then the abolition of human drivable cars, Mars colonization, and a the creation of Dyson sphere around our sun will then be of utmost priority to me in order to rapidly progress the human race. I will work from the shadows and create powerless figure heads so assassination attempts will not be a problem for me. If all goes well imoratitly will be common place by when I am around the age of 60 so death will never be known to me.