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David Green

I am a Computer Science major currently in my last year.  Though I started in 2012, I’ve had a rough time getting through. I dropped out in 2014 after not having great grades and needed to re-think what I wanted to do. Meanwhile, I got an overnight job full-time for the next two years that helped me come to an understanding of what I needed to do.  I re-enrolled in Spring of 2017 and have since been on track to complete my degree.

As of last Fall, I’ve developed an interest in Cryptography, or just security in general, and am also currently taking Cloud Computing and Security, hoping to specialize in that field of study.  I’ve got minor experience with Machine Learning using Tensorflow, and some Android experience as well.  On top of the general knowledge of C/C++, Java, SQL.  I’ve worked with Spark and MapReduce as well. 

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